Setting the Stage

Perhaps you are getting ready to sell your house or your home needs a fresh look. It doesn’t have to be expensive to give your home an upgrade. Together we can “set the stage” and get you to the end result you are looking for.

Some things to think about:

What style are you interested in presenting? (traditional, contemporary, country, colonial, abstract…)

What colors do you want to use? ( be creative but using all the colors of the rainbow give your home a “patchwork quilt look” which buyers are less attracted to)

Who is your buyer? (is your home more likely to appeal to a family, metropolitan couple, retirees?)

What are elements that might attract a buyer?

First Things First:

My rule of thumb is to keep things simple. Unless you are selling a one of a kind home where the buyer is expecting an eclectic style utilize a few colors starting with paint colors. As a buyer I want to make my own changes to your home please make it easy for me. Wall paper and dark paint colors are more than likely going to be changed. My rule of thumb is antique white as a wall color and ultra bright white as my trim. No one will need to change out the trim and one coat of any color will cover the antique white. Please note the need for contrast a bright white wall with bright white trim is like looking into light (blinding.)

Too late you’ve already painted the house with your favorite colors and the painter is long gone. Hopefully you didnt choose purple as your color!

No matter your palette you as the seller need to use a few colors (note the word few). Why?

I as the buyer am trying to visualize the space of your rooms and what my furniture will look like in each room. My personal accent colors are black and red which are both dark colors. Your dark purple room is going to make me feel closed in. The light colors (antique white) open up even a small room and give my accents room to breathe.

If the buyer doesn’t like the colors, why can’t she paint them with her choice? She probably will to some degree. I’ve had to paint a dark green room and a purple room; I had to prime and then use 2 more coats of  paint in order for the dark color to not show through. My painter might charge me double for an entire house of three coats.